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Alice in Motherland by JanBoruta
Alice in Motherland
A small sketch I forgot to upload when I made it, back in April of this year. Forgive the pun. 

Polish title: "Alicja w Krainie Carów". The difference from the default title is only one letter, as opposed to a whole word in English. ("Czarów" - "Carów"; "Wonders" - Tsars")
Fasil's Folly by JanBoruta
Fasil's Folly
A noble guest, a military commander escorted by a small detachment of guards, approaches the shining residence of the kin of David, Kings of Kings, the Emperors of Ethiopia. Fasil Ghebbi - the Royal Enclosure of the Emperor Fasilides - is the crown jewel of the city of Gondar, a city founded to house the palace itself. 

Founded in the late 17th century and expanded over decades by other emperors, Fasil Ghebbi rose to prominence and splendour, and consisted of dozens of structures, halls, stables and utility buildings - many of which, except the castle walls, survived to this day.

Painted for a mod for Sid Meier's Civilization 5 I've co-designed.

Done in Photoshop. 
Our Father Who Art In Heaven by JanBoruta
Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Portrait of a Spanish galleon on its way to the New World. Mid-16th century.

This piece was intended to open a 12-part series about ships of the 16th century, each drawing tied to a single verse of the Lord's Prayer. Unfortunately, at the time I was planning it out I got distrated with other, more succesful art. Lack of completion of the series restrained me from posting this drawing. Now I rectify this mistake. 

Pencil, A4 paper. Done in 2008. 
Steampunk Gas Officer by JanBoruta
Steampunk Gas Officer
In the grim darkness of the past, there is only gas. Europe is filled with chloride and mustard gas, and no one can leave their hermetically sealed houses or bunkers without a state-of-the-art gas mask. And who has the best gas masks other than the military? Like this smiling fellow, a Marshal of the German Empire, receiving a military parade on the main street of the city of Posen. You can see a ghostly outline of the Kaiserschloss in the background - a major landmark of the city, and a personal folly of the Emperor Wilhelm II on the side. 

Remember, it's not steampunk until you put your gas mask on. 

Pencil, A5 paper. Done in 2012/3
TEATRC: Heavy Galleons by JanBoruta
TEATRC: Heavy Galleons
Laurian Heavy Galleons, in transit from the metropolis to the recently captured port city of Tihr. 

Fan art for the mod for the original Mount&Blade game, called "The Eagle and the Radiant Cross". Pencil, A4 paper. Done in 2009. 
Hello everyone.

I'm uploading a rather large selection of artwork that I've done over past few years, which I've never posted here on dA - and in many cases nowhere on the internet. This includes a hefty number of sketches and unfinished pieces that will be going into the Scraps folder - with a few notable exceptions. Those exceptions would be unfinished drawings that were either close to the finish line or representative of my style, concepts and ideas in general. I hope this doesn't make all of you upset - new artwork will still come, and I hope it comes in a relatively close future. Instead I would like to ask you to check out all the pieces I'm uploading, including the aforementioned scraps. I wouldn't mind a comment or two, maybe a critique or a suggestion for improvement as well.

In regards to unfinished pieces, it is very unlikely that I will get back to those drawings and finish them. I have quite a lot of new sketches and ideas that I'm working on or that I'm planning to revisit. However I cannot cling to all the old ideas forever. Consider this update as me making peace with the past, in hopes of moving on and doing better artwork in the future. 

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Artist | Professional | Varied

I'm a digital and traditional artist, currently based in Poland. I specialise in digital painting and pencil art. My areas of expertise include 2D game art, concept art and illustration. In regards to the subjects of my art, I hold particular interest in a wide variety of historical settings including naval history, alternate history, steampunk and dieselpunk creations, with a touch of fantasy and science-fiction. My involvement and ongoing interest in the video game industry stems from my work for various modding projects, particularly for Sid Meier's Civilization V.

For questions and commission information, please contact me at my e-mail address:

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