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Artist | Varied

I'm a digital and traditional artist, currently based in Tarnów, Poland.

For questions and commission information, please contact me at my e-mail address:

Hi everyone,

I've created a facebook page for myself that will be dedicated to my art and creations, not limited to what you see here on DeviantArt (as here I want to only submit mostly finished artwork). Sketches, work-in-progress pics, game and game modification art that sometimes isn't pure art, rough ideas. That page will be also used as a notification device for my Twitch livestreams (mainly digital painting, some gaming). The page is brand new, and it is rather empty as of now - however, it will fill out in the coming weeks.



Livestream schedule:
streaming daily, Monday-Friday. Starting between 6 PM and 7 PM CET (GMT+2 summer time, GMT+1 winter time). Unannounced streams earlier might occur. 

Thank for your time and interest! Hope to see you not only here on dA. :)
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Striga by JanBoruta
Portrait - sketch of a girl who appeared in one of my dreams a couple weeks ago. Turned out she had a cellar in which she held and bred humans so she could eat them at a suitable time. Sin City aesthetic was not planned.

Photoshop, 2016. 
Cedarrian Airman by JanBoruta
Cedarrian Airman
Quick (relatively) and dirty (surely) portrait of a Cedarrian airman, shown while striking a pose on board an aerial gunboat, while a state-funded artist quickly scribbles down a scene for tomorrow's navy bulletin.

A variation on a design I made for my quasi-fantasy setting "Hirseng", which I like to visit from time to time.
Photoshop, about 110 minutes. 2016.

One More Season by JanBoruta
One More Season
My take on (or quote of) probably the most reproduced scene from Star Wars. Who can blame anyone - it's probably the most defining moment of the whole movie, if not the whole trilogy. 

Photoshop, took probably around 6 hours. 2015 
Battle For The Nile by JanBoruta
Battle For The Nile
Thumbnail picture for a Let's Play Civilization 5 series on youtube by TheUrsinus:… Featuring leaders of modded ancient Egyptian and neighbouring civilizations we released a couple months ago (I made a ton of art for those as well). From right to left (or from foreground to the background): Akhenaten, Cleopatra, Piye of Nubia, Hatshepsut, Merkurios of Makuria, Narmer of Early Egypt. (or Apophis of the Hyksos as the embodiment of evil). Enjoyed doing that one. :)

Photoshop, 2015 
The Tsar's Piranha by JanBoruta
The Tsar's Piranha
Petropavlovsk was the only ship of her class. An experimental light destroyer modelled after existing French models, it was commissioned in 1895 and launched three years later after a laborious design and construction process. Its creation stirred a considerable amount of discussion in both Russia and other European powers, but the in the end, it was much ado about nothing. The destroyer turned out to be bog-standard, with only three redeemable qualities: remarkable speed, an assortment of heavy rapid-fire guns (heavier than ones usually found on such small ships), and the near-constant presence of the mastermind behind the ship itself, the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Romanov. Alexei, being the general-admiral of the Russian Navy, used the Petropavlovsk as his personal yacht to cruise around Saint Petersburg and over Russia's Baltic possessions, often unannounced and - at least he believed so - incognito.

The obsolete ship was shot down in 1915 by German ground batteries during the defense of the fort city of Kovno.

- - -

Mechanical pencil (HB, 2B), on B5 format. 2015.

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