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I'm a digital and traditional artist, currently based in Poland. I specialise in digital painting and pencil art. My areas of expertise include 2D game art, concept art and illustration. In regards to the subjects of my art, I hold particular interest in a wide variety of historical settings including naval history, alternate history, steampunk and dieselpunk creations, with a touch of fantasy and science-fiction. My involvement and ongoing interest in the video game industry stems from my work for various modding projects, particularly for Sid Meier's Civilization V.

For questions and commission information, please contact me at my e-mail address:

Facebook fan page: - will be updated with sketches, work-in-progress pieces and other art like game development that won't be posted here on dA

My Twitch channel: - art and gaming livestreams every weekday
Hi everyone,

I've created a facebook page for myself that will be dedicated to my art and creations, not limited to what you see here on DeviantArt (as here I want to only submit mostly finished artwork). Sketches, work-in-progress pics, game and game modification art that sometimes isn't pure art, rough ideas. That page will be also used as a notification device for my Twitch livestreams (mainly digital painting, some gaming). The page is brand new, and it is rather empty as of now - however, it will fill out in the coming weeks.



Livestream schedule:
streaming daily, Monday-Friday. Starting between 6 PM and 7 PM CET (GMT+2 summer time, GMT+1 winter time). Unannounced streams earlier might occur. 

Thank for your time and interest! Hope to see you not only here on dA. :)
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Queen Cathy by JanBoruta
Queen Cathy
Catherine the Great, the Snow Queen, Empress and Autocrat of all the Russia, and the marvellously buxom vixen all Civilization 5 players love, and love to hate.

I wish to come back to making those single-figure Civilization 5 leader portraits in a faux-vector style. If only I managed to make one every one or two days, I could get all of them done by the end of the year. 10 done - 33 to go. 

Done in Photoshop. 
Versailles Sunset by JanBoruta
Versailles Sunset
Illustration I've done for a Civilization 5 mod I've co-designed. It is intended as a splash screen that appears after you construct a world wonder in your empire - in this case, Versailles, a newly-added one. My goal was to be as close as possible to the art style of the base game, for possibly seamless implementation. Whether I succeeded or not, it remains to be seen and judged by the players. Nonethelss, I enjoyed making it - even though getting the details of the palace's facade right was a major hassle. 

Photoshop, 2015
Enlightened by JanBoruta
Quick painting I made for a mod for Civilization 5 I've co-designed. It is intended to be used as a splash image that displays when you enter a new era. In this case it's an era we are adding - the Enlightenment. I think it took around 6 hours of work in total. Inspired by various 18th century landscape paintings, and it's a loose impression of the Petropavlovsk Fortress in Saint Petersburg.

Photoshop, 2015.
Lenin's Happy Dream by JanBoruta
Lenin's Happy Dream
Thumbnail image I made for the youtuber TheUrsinus for his upcoming Let's Play Civilization 5 series featuring Soviet Russia mod, led by Lenin, played on a true-start-location world map. Had a lot of fun with this one. :)

Photoshop, 2015.
Civilization 5 Mod Map - Kingdom of Serbia by JanBoruta
Civilization 5 Mod Map - Kingdom of Serbia
Map I made for a modification for Civilization 5, adding WW1-themed Serbia as a playable civilization. Making this map was an emotional and graphical challenge - how to show a fateful month leading up to the outbreak of World War I? How to show the peril Serbia found itself in? How to reference a rapid escalation of hostilities? I tried to find an answer in this map. 

Mod created by A. Partridge (Pouakai) and Tarcisio C.M.

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are you going to finish and color these ones? they've looked so promising back then
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Highly improbable. Not enough time these days - and I don't think they need colouring at all. 
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thanks for the fav szefie 8-)
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Wow. this is awesome stuff. if you don't mind i would really appreciate some quick tips since i struggle with 2D art and digital art is important for modding and stuff.  i have an icon on here which is in my opinion the best work i've done so far and seeing it should be easier to see what i am doing wrong or what i can improve best. Thank you and seriously great stuff i have the
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